Commit 526a1de2 authored by Felix Hamme's avatar Felix Hamme
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frontend: explain image-name-selection mechanics

parent 2064d884
......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ export class ActiveMemoryGame extends Component<ActiveMemoryGameProps, ActiveMem
<GameSelectionInfo selectedGame={this.selectedGame}/>
<Container className='mt-3 text-center'>
<h2>Ordne jedem Bild die richtige {nameTypeSingular} zu!</h2>
<p>Wähle erst ein Bild aus, dann einen Namen, um sie zuzuordnen.</p>
<MemoryImages images={this.state.images} onSelect={this.selectImage}/>
<MemoryNames names={this.state.names} onSelect={this.selectName}/>
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