Commit c3df9a29 authored by Rick Gruber-Riemer's avatar Rick Gruber-Riemer

Implementation of SKIP_LIST_OVERLAP for #124.

parent 0abcbcf6
......@@ -840,6 +840,8 @@ DB_USER_PASSWORD String n/a The passwor
============================================= ======== ======= ==============================================================================
.. _chapter-parameters-skipping:
Skipping Specific Buildings and Roads/Railways
......@@ -858,6 +860,7 @@ E.g. ``SKIP_LIST = ['St. Leodegar im Hof (Hofkirche)', 87220999]``
BRIDGE_BODY_HEIGHT = 0.9 # height of bridge body
EMBANKMENT_TEXTURE = textures.road.EMBANKMENT_1 # Texture for the embankment
On the other hand side there might be situations, where certain STG-entries should not be checked for overlap checking. For that situation parameter ``SKIP_LIST_OVERLAP`` can be used as a list of ``*.ac`` or ``*.xml`` file names which should not be used for overlap tests
.. _chapter-parameters-clipping:
......@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@ OVERLAP_CHECK_CONSIDER_SHARED = True
# E.g. SKIP_LIST = ["Theologische Fakultät", "Rhombergpassage", 55875208]
# For roads/railways OSM ID is checked.
SKIP_LIST_OVERLAP = [] # list of .ac or .xml file names which should not be used for overlap tests
# -- Parameters which influence the number of buildings from OSM taken to output
BUILDING_MIN_HEIGHT = 0.0 # -- minimum height from bottom to top without roof height of a building to be included in output (does not include roof). Different from OSM tag "min_height", which states that the bottom of the building hovers min_height over the ground
......@@ -355,6 +355,11 @@ def read_stg_entries_in_boundary(consider_shared: bool = True,
for filename in stg_files:
stg_entries.extend(read_stg_entries(filename, consider_shared))
# exclude entries in skip list
for entry in reversed(stg_entries):
if entry.obj_filename in parameters.SKIP_LIST_OVERLAP:
# the border of the original tile in local coordinates
south_west = my_coord_transform.to_local((parameters.BOUNDARY_WEST, parameters.BOUNDARY_SOUTH))
north_east = my_coord_transform.to_local((parameters.BOUNDARY_EAST, parameters.BOUNDARY_NORTH))
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