Commit e84c18be authored by Matthias Andree's avatar Matthias Andree

fetchmailconf Python 3, IPv6, SSL overhaul

Replace string.find() by 'in' or .find() method
Bump fetchmailconf version.
Fix many pylint warnings.
Make fetchmailconf Python 3 compatible
 - use futurize
 - decode greetline to str on Python 3
Require Python 2.7.13 (due to ssl changes)
parent 82b381eb
......@@ -60,11 +60,26 @@ removed from a 6.5.0 or newer release.)
* SSLv3 support may be removed from a future fetchmail release. It has been
obsolete for many years and found insecure. Use TLS.
* Fetchmailconf is deprecated and will be removed from a future release.
* Fetchmail does not guarantee compatibility with EOL OpenSSL versions. Support
for end-of-life OpenSSL versions may be removed even patchlevel releases.
fetchmail 6.4.2 (not yet released):
* fetchmailconf now supports Python 3, but also requires Python 2.7.13 as
minimum version, but should only be used with 2.7.16 or newer (due to SSL
changes). Older Python versions may check SSL certificates not strictly
enough which will then cause complaints by fetchmail later.
* fetchmailconf now autoprobes SSL-wrapped connections (ports 993 and 995 for
IMAP and POP3) as well and by preference.
* fetchmailconf now defaults newly created users to "ssl" if either of the
existing users sets ssl, or if the server has freshly been probed and
found supporting ssl.
There is a caveat: adding a user to an existing server without probing it
again may skip adding ssl. (This does not prevent STARTTLS.)
* Fix three bugs in (one unterminated string to .IP macro, one line
that ran into a .PP macro, .TH date format), and remove one .br request from
......@@ -74,6 +89,7 @@ fetchmail 6.4.2 (not yet released):
* When evaluating the need for STARTTLS in non-default configurations (SSL
certificate validation turned off), fetchmail would only consider --sslproto
tls1 as requiring STARTTLS, now all non-empty protocol versions do.
* fetchmailconf now properly writes "no sslcertck" if sslcertck is disabled.
* Make t.smoke more robust and use temporary directory as FETCHMAILHOME, to make
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