1. 07 Mar, 2020 2 commits
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      socket.c: fix catastrophic brace mistake · 9b75acb2
      Peter Williams authored
      In SSLOpen(), it looks like a merge resulted in some code getting mis-indented
      such that the initialization of `global_mydata_index` only occurred in the
      unlikely and undesirable event that the runtime OpenSSL library version
      disagreed with the compile-time version. This basically makes the program
      segfault reliably if SSL is used.
      Fix this, and reindent this section to remove the counterintuitive bits.
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      po/POTFILES.in: pop2.c has been removed · 2493c5a0
      Peter Williams authored
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      Merge branch 'legacy_6x' · 124b5ee9
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Merge branch 'legacy_64' into legacy_6x · 43388d0e
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Update Polish translation to 6.4.0.rc3. · 77694588
      Jakub Bogusz authored
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      Update Japanese translation to 6.4.0.rc3. · 26c0bcc2
      hmatrjp authored
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      Update German translation. · 49a5bdb7
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Merge branch 'legacy_6x' · 7e9f1e08
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Align with legacy_64. · a3897956
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Align with legacy_6x. · e0e7a74b
      Matthias Andree authored
      * Normalize include order.
      * Backport missed bug fixes.
      * Remove dead code.
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      Align with legacy_6x branch. · 2e881eb6
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Align to master branch. · f3a64b68
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Merge branch 'legacy_6x' · 057b7188
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Merge branch 'legacy_64' into legacy_6x · 6bae988b
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Synch with relevant changes from master. · cda59e1e
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Merge branch 'legacy_6x' · 756898e7
      Matthias Andree authored
      * legacy_6x:
        Assume the malloc/realloc/free family uses void *.
        fetchmail.man: fix typo spotted by lintian
        contrib/fetchmail-mode.el: run fetchmail-mode-hook after other settings
        Update <vi> Vietnamese translation to 6.4.0-rc2.
        Do not reference m4/gethostbyname_r.m4, we don't ship it any more.
        Properly report size of mailboxes of 2 GibiB or above.
        If strsignal() is supported, use it instead of sys_siglist[].
        Kill MDA-fallback feature, a broken design.
        Remove support for ancient systems and portability cruft.
        Bump version.
        Suspend pushing to local public_html.
        Remove crypt() check, we don't use it.
        Require Python 2.3 (2.0 is no longer sufficient).
        Remove defunct translator mail addresses.
        Merge strings/update .po files.
        Bump version to -rc3.
        Fix option argument enumerations in help output, and refer to manual.
        Update German translation.
        po/POTFILES.in: Add fm_getaddrinfo.c, ntlmsubr.c, pop2.c.
        Update fetchmail translation to 6.4.0-rc2.
        Update fetchmail translation to 6.4.0-rc2.
        Update fetchmail translation to 6.4.0-rc2.
        Revise deprecation warning intro.
        fetchmailconf: Permit editing the first item from a list, and more updates.
        Add *.bak to .gitignore patterns.
        Minor Doxygen updates/fixes.
        Bump version to .rc2.
        Disable installing el fi gl pt_BR sk tr translations.
        po/: merge with updated .pot file.
        Fix up tag nesting issues in FAQ after recent revision.
        Update documentation.
        Flip the switch on sslcertck in fetchmailconf, too.
        Update FAQ, fix/mark broken links.
        Documentation updates.
        README: Update to Portability section.
        fetchmail no longer reports System error during SSL_connect(): Success.
        Bump version to -rc1.
        Fix format overflow warnings by printing IMAP tag as unsigned.
        Remove register qualifier.
        Fix Solaris build with non-c99 compiler (gcc), fixup fileno().
        Comment on EXISTS in response to EXPUNGE.
        Add git-check target from bogofilter.
        Add --nonet to xmllint throughout.
        Bump copyrights, and bump version to beta6.
        FreeBSD cleanups to header shuffling.
        Partial update (older .pot) .po file via translationproject.org.
        Partial update (older .pot) .po file via translationproject.org.
        Partial update (older .pot) .po file via translationproject.org.
        Partial update (older .pot) .po file via translationproject.org.
        Partial update (older .pot) .po file via translationproject.org.
        Mention full translation updates of cs,eo,fr,jp,pl,sv...
        Update .po file via translationproject.org.
        Update .po file via translationproject.org.
        Update .po file via translationproject.org.
        Update .po file via translationproject.org.
        Update .po file via translationproject.org.
        Update .po file via translationproject.org.
        In-depth robustness.
        Update po/.
        Misc. updates to makerelease.pl.
        Freeze po/*.po files.
        Bump version to 6.4.0.beta5.
        Update copyright in German translation.
        Bump copyright.
        Document recent changes.
        Be a bit more verbose about SSL probing.
        configure.ac: use pkg-config to find openssl
        Update de.po translation.
        Update to GNU gettext 0.19.8.
        Waive AC_TYPE_SIGNAL and assume signal handlers return void.
        Update TODO.txt.
        Document FETCHMAIL_POP3_FORCE_RETR and drop it from TODO.txt.
        Replace most strncpy() by strlcpy() calls.
        Drop socket when receiving unexpected untagged * BYE.
        Add line termination when reporting unexpected untagged * BYE contents.
        Enable OpenSSL >= 1.0.2 native name verification.
        Add UTF-7 to TODO.txt
        Added mapping to to PS_TRANSIENT or PS_REFUSED of LMTP response.
        Fix potential SIGSEGV in pop3_delete.
        Set umask properly before writing the .fetchids file,
        Add a few more files to .gitignore
        imap_delete(): clean up delflags[_seen] variables.
        Bump version.
        Permit beta builds.
        Make compatible with a pure OpenSSL 1.1.0 API, ...
        OPIE: Fix indentation to silence GCC warnings.
        Bump copyright.
        Update German <de> translation.
        OPIE: Chase to64frombits() API change.
        Fix GCC8 format truncation warnings.
        Fix useless GCC8 warning, strncpy->memcpy for fixed string.
        Fix GCC8 ?: operator type promotion warning.
        Fix indentation to silence GCC 8 warnings.
        In-depth fix for to64frombits() BASE64 encoder buffer sizing.
        ISO C90 ("C89") compatibility fix.
        Abort GSSAPI authentication properly in more situations.
        Prevent buffer overruns in do_gssauth() with long user names.
        GSSAPI: Do not add gratuitious NUL byte to username.
        Do not continue autoprobing other protocols after socket error
        Add a FIXME comment.
        Do not overrun plugin string when copying it.
        Call AM_PROG_AR to simplify LTO use.
        Cast argument to quiet -Wformat warning in C89 mode.
        Remove last traces of gethostbyname().
        Update copyright.
        Avoid deprecated regexps in manServer.pl
        Reinstate --sslcertfile documentation.
        Quiet linker warnings around yywrap() fix when using a C++ compiler.
        Work around GNU flex madness around yywrap().
        Mention tls1.3 and + option in NEWS.
        TLS: set hostname for SNI.
        Initial TLSv1.3 support code.
        Add one comment to pop3_fastuidl().
        Bump version to beta3.
        Cease creating .tar.bz2 tarballs. (Keep .tar.xz)
        Fixup protocol version handling in OpenSSL 1.0.X.
        Drop unused variable.
        Update German translation.
        Support for Debian/Ubuntu mutilated SSLv3 support.
        OpenSSL 1.1.0 API support.
        Refactor OpenSSL protocol version selection logic.
        Fail build early if socket.o cannot be generated.
        Mention import of P-Tree O(n log n) code for UIDL.
        Avoid compiling unused function.
        Fix portability to C90 and C++.
        Report UIDs from databases one-per-line, with one leading blank space.
        #define __EXTENSIONS__ to have Solaris expose ffs() from strings.h
        Fixup last patch from Thomas, return void rather than NULL.
        Protect against possible NULL pointer
        Fix crash on --flush.
        #include <strings.h> for ffs() prototype.
        Fix uninitialized variable.
        C++ compat: cast types explicitly.
        UIDL database speedup with Patricia trees.
        Bump OpenSSL requirement to v1.0.2.
        Fix missing fileno() declaration.
        Document use of address literals for SMTP.
        Accept more options with a running daemon.
        Update Copyright year for Matthias Andree to 2016.
        A few Python 3 compatibility fixes.
        --configdump: fix quoting RHS of localnames
        fetchmailconf.py: make fetchmailconf.py python{2, 3}-compliant
        fetchmailconf.py: fix tabs/spaces mixup preventing from compiling the pyc module
        Fix a few inconsistencies.
        Minor option/usage message/man page fixes.
        Really try to continue if OpenSSL lib newer than headers used at compile-time.
        Enable TLS 1.1/1.2 options on LibreSSL.
        Update for FreeBSD after hints from Bernard Spil.
        Clarify --antispam only applies to MAIL FROM:.
        Avoid another C99-style comment.
        Avoid C99-style comment.
        Flip the switch and configure OpenSSL by default.
        One TODO item done.
        Document minimum OpenSSL 1.0.1 requirement.
        Add OpenSSL version sanity checking.
        Heed ! operator precedence.
        Add one item.
        ssl3 -> ssl3+
        Revise wording on Google's less secure apps.
        Amend to section I9 Google use...
        Enable --sslcertck by default.
        Mark Debian Bug #804604 as fixed.
        Fix missing backslash in \fB.
        One more gitorious -> gitlab.
        Expand item M7 by the aka clause.
        Remove line left over in edits.
        Note that fetchmail 6.3.5 and newer should fix the 'spurious )' in IMAP.
        Remove Jochen Hayek's information.
        Drop unneeded AC_CHECK_DECLS for SSLv2_client_method.
        Unconditionally report -SSLv2 if SSL is enabled.
        Update documentation.
        Support ssl3+ tls1.1, tls1.2 in --sslproto. Report TLS1.1/1.2 if unsupported by OpenSSL.
        Fix typo regarding SSL_OP_NO_SSLv3, and carry over one basic block from master branch.
        Bump version.
        Detect/report server hang-up in SSL_connect().
        ignore test-driver.
        abschießen -> beenden
        Refine sslcertck entry in TODO.txt.
        Update gettext infrastructure.
        Update Git URLs to Gitlab after import from Gitorious.
        Add further TLS stuff for 6.4.0.
        TLS overhaul, bumping version to 6.4
        Also report SSL/TLS protocol version in verbose mode.
        Report SSL/TLS cipher, in verbose mode.
        Bump copyright.
        Also recognize OPENSSL_NO_SSLx.
        Permit build on SSLv3-disabled OpenSSL,
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      mimedecode: Fix multipart/mixed detection. · 5256f612
      Matthias Andree authored
      Fixes a regression introduced in release 5.0.0 in March 1999 that was
      attributed to Henrik Storner.
      (cherry-pick from master, e45e718a)
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      RETSIGTYPE -> void · d3f5a35b
      Matthias Andree authored
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      Drop #ifdef HAVE_GETCWD, there never was a formal configure check. · 525a4c43
      Matthias Andree authored
      Assume that getcwd() is present, it is required by the
      Single Unix Specivication V2 (1997).
      Previously, fetchmail implicitly relied on AM_HAVE_GETTEXT() to
      check for getcwd().
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      Assume the malloc/realloc/free family uses void *. · 008b030a
      Matthias Andree authored
      Remove XMALLOCTYPE and support for char *. Hard-wire void.
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      Update sq.po · 876ed4bb
      Besnik Bleta authored
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      Merge branch 'legacy_64' into legacy_6x · ae33665e
      Matthias Andree authored
      * legacy_64:
        fetchmail.man: fix typo spotted by lintian
        contrib/fetchmail-mode.el: run fetchmail-mode-hook after other settings
        Update <vi> Vietnamese translation to 6.4.0-rc2.
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      contrib/fetchmail-mode.el: run fetchmail-mode-hook after other settings · c8e26099
      Kevin Ryde authored
      Obtained from: https://bugs.debian.org/710319
      Obsoletes: Debian patch 02_fetchmail_mode.el.diff
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  5. 24 Aug, 2019 10 commits