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      TLS overhaul, bumping version to 6.4 · c72743cf
      Matthias Andree authored
      Removes SSLv2, enables TLSv1.1 and v1.2 more easily,
      permits SSLv3 (only if specified) and newer TLSv1.1+ for STLS/STARTTLS.
      Only negotiates TLSv1 and newer by default, SSLv3 must now be specified
      explicitly, as a consequence of the POODLE attack.
      This is meant to be a minimally upgraded version, and cannot be usefully
      done as a 6.3.X release.
      It is strongly recommended that users review their configuration -
      especially --sslproto - per instructions in the NEWS file and manual
      page.  It has changed semantics and in many cases --sslproto auto or
      perhaps --sslproto tls1.2+ should be used now.
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