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Popclient README
README for popclient 3.0
$Log: README,v $
Revision 1.3 1996/06/27 19:22:31 esr
Sent to ceharris.
popclient is a full-featured, robust, well-documented POP2, POP3 and
APOP client originally developed by Carl Harris <[email protected]> and
now maintained by Eric S. Raymond <[email protected]>.
Revision 1.2 1996/06/26 19:08:55 esr
This is what I sent Harris.
You can find the latest version of popclient from Eric's home page
Revision 1.1 1996/06/26 15:27:06 esr
Initial revision
Revision 1.3 1995/09/07 22:40:58 ceharris
Final 3.0b4 release
Features of POP include:
Revision 1.2 1995/08/09 01:22:47 ceharris
Final preparation for 3.0b2 release.
* POP2, POP3 and APOP support
Revision 1.1 1995/08/07 21:09:19 ceharris
Final preparation for popclient 3.0b1 release
* Easy configuration via command line or free-format .poprc file.
This is a BETA release of popclient version 3. Little if any user support
is provided for this version of popclient. Consider this BETA version to
be a "developer/tester" release only.
* Daemon mode -- popmail can be run in background to poll
one or more hosts at a specified interval.
Release History
* Delivery via either file-append with mandatory locking or an
MDA you specify.
There is a man page at A sample rc file is at sample.poprc.
For a release history, see the file NEWS.
-- esr
Eric S. Raymond <[email protected]> hacked on 3.0b6. Here are his change notes:
* The autoconfigure script incorrectly assumed that all Linuxes use
/usr/bin/deliver. Under Linux it now checks for both /usr/bin/delivermail
and /bin/mail.
* I added a distribution-maker production to
* I have removed the -p command-line option. Given that there's a .poprc
facility there is no excuse for encouraging users to put plaintext passwords
in scripts which might be readable.
* Calling popclient with no arguments now causes it to query or operate
on every host in the .poprc file.
* I have made --version more useful by having it dump the computed
connection options for each server specified.
* The user can now explicitly set an MDA (such as procmail) with the
new option -m or -mda. Various possible MDAs are listed on the man page.
* The .poprc lexer now supports "-enclosed strings which may contain
* I added a --yydebug option to enable .poprc parser debugging at runtime
if the parser was generated with --debug. It's not documented.
* You may now have a `defaults' entry in .poprc which sets overrideable
values for other entries. See the man page for details.
* It is now possible to set keep, flush and fetchall in your .poprc file.
* Fixed incorrect numbering of source lines in .poprc parse error messages.
* The specification no longer uses the obsolete AC_TRY_COMPILE
macro (it uses AC_TRY_LINK instead).
* I have added mandatory locking of mailbox files where supported.
This will cover Linux systems, in particular.
* The default behavior is now to do lock-protected append on the user's
system mailbox rather than using delivermail or some other MDA.
(This is a performance hack.)
* The autoconfigure script now looks for standard mail locations. The
default mail delivery agent is used only if it can't find a mail spool
directory in the standard places.
* When using POP3, message headers are edited so that replies won't foo up.
Anything that looks like a mail ID local to the POP host gets @ and the
pop servername attached to it before being appended to the user's
mailbox or passed to an MDA.
* I have implemented daemon mode.
* I have added a lock check to ensure that there is only one popclient
running per user, and a --quit option to kill the currently running
* All changes and feature additions have been tested in actual use and are
documented on the man page.
* I have turned the comments in the sample.poprc into a new manual
section documenting the .poprc format.
* I fixed some de-initialization bugs in pop2.c and pop3.c that led to
fd leaks (these became painfully obvious when I tested daemon mode!).
* I've fixed the flaky parser error messages. They turned out to be due
to a misdeclaration of yytext.
There's only one feature I haven't been able to add successfully. I
want a --logfile option that redirects the daemon-mode output to a
given file, but the code (in daemon.c near 200) unaccountably doesn't
work (so I haven't documented it yet).
o "From " header fix in pop2.c and pop3.c
o Surpress "..." output when --stdout option specified in pop3.c
o alloca fix.
o various diagnostic/informational message fixes.
o Support for retrieving only new messages from maildrop when
using POP3.
o Support for retrieving only the first n lines of each message
when using POP3.
o APOP authentication support.
o Buffered socket input.
This is a "new features" release.
o support for .poprc file.
o GNU-style long options.
o fixed passwords appearing in 'ps' output
o support for multiple servers on one command line
This is mostly a test of the autoconfigure integration.
Among the functions performed by the new configure script, is
the ability to detect known system types, configures the mail
delivery agent (MDA) correctly. This should permanently solve
the problem of using something other than an MDA for mail
delivery (which continues to plague Linux slackware 1.2.9).
For this beta, please check the values of MDA_PATH and MDA_ARGS
carefully. They should match the values found in your file on the line which begins with "Mlocal".
Other changes from popclient version 2.21:
o no longer uses getpass() from the C library. The
internal getpassword() function allows the use of long
o integrated GNU getopt() for long options. Long option
names will appear in a future beta.
o Several compiler warnings fixed.
o Fixed problems related to missing include files in
Solaris port.
# .poprc sample
# $Log: sample.rcfile,v $
# Revision 1.2 1996/06/26 19:09:01 esr
# This is what I sent Harris.
# Revision 1.1 1996/06/25 16:50:31 esr
# Initial revision
# Revision 1.2 1995/08/10 00:32:46 ceharris
# Preparation for 3.0b3 beta release:
# - added code for --kill/--keep, --limit, --protocol, --flush
# options; --pop2 and --pop3 options now obsoleted by --protocol.
# - added support for APOP authentication, including --with-APOP
# argument for configure.
# - provisional and broken support for RPOP
# - added buffering to SockGets and SockRead functions.
# - fixed problem of command-line options not being correctly
# carried into the merged options record.
# Revision 1.1 1995/08/09 01:33:04 ceharris
# Version 3.0 beta 2 release.
# Added
# - .poprc functionality
# - GNU long options
# - multiple servers on the command line.
# Fixed
# - Passwords showing up in ps output.
# This file (or one of your own creation, rather) should be located
# in your home directory with the name .poprc. Permissions on this
# file may be no greater than -rw-------, or popclient will refuse to
# use it.
# I'd like to point out here that I do not, repeat DO NOT, endorse
# the use of plaintext passwords in the .poprc file. I include the
# password option because SO MANY people asked me about having such
# an option. I don't use it myself. And I recommend that you don't
# use it.
# To see what effect your ~/.poprc file has, do
# I'd also like to point out that the syntax of this file is still
# under development (during the 3.0 beta series of releases). If you
# would like to suggest revisions, please do.
# popclient --version
# This will display the popclient version number and an explanation
# in English of what the currently set options and defaults mean.
# Comments begin with a '#' and extend through the end of the line.
# Blank lines between server entries are ignored.
......@@ -72,13 +41,17 @@
# rpop (or RPOP)
# Basic format is
server SERVERNAME protocol PROTOCOL username NAME password PASSWORD
# Example
# server SERVERNAME protocol PROTOCOL username NAME password PASSWORD
# Example:
server protocol pop3 username jsmith password secret1
# Or, using some abbreviations
# Or, using some abbreviations:
server proto pop3 user jsmith password secret1
# Multiple servers may be listed
server proto pop3 user jsmith password secret1
server proto pop2 user John.Smith password My^Hat
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