Commit 3e5c44d2 authored by Matthias Andree's avatar Matthias Andree

Fix format overflow warnings by printing IMAP tag as unsigned.

parent 728741e3
......@@ -52,9 +52,9 @@
/* session variables initialized in init_transact() */
int suppress_tags = FALSE; /**< emit tags in the protocol? */
char tag[TAGLEN]; /**< buffer for the tag */
static int tagnum; /**< local counter for the tag */
static unsigned int tagnum; /**< local counter for the tag */
/** Macro to generate the tag and store it in #tag. */
#define GENSYM (sprintf(tag, "A%04d", ++tagnum % TAGMOD), tag)
#define GENSYM (sprintf(tag, "A%04u", ++tagnum % TAGMOD), tag)
static const struct method *protocol; /**< description of the protocol used for the current poll */
char shroud[PASSWORDLEN*2+3]; /**< string to shroud in debug output */
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