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Fix up tag nesting issues in FAQ after recent revision.

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......@@ -492,11 +492,11 @@ tips?</a></h2>
&lt;[email protected]&gt;
for bug reports and people who want to discuss configuration issues of
fetchmail. Please see <a href="#G3">G3 above for information you need to
<p>There is a fetchmail-devel list
<p>Then there is a fetchmail-devel list
&lt;[email protected]&gt; for people who want to discuss
fixes and improvements in fetchmail and help co-develop it.</p>
<p>There is also an announcements-only list,
<p>Finally, there is also an announcements-only list,
&lt;[email protected]&gt;.</p>
<p>For all lists, see <a href=""></a> for subscription, archive and search links.</p>
......@@ -721,7 +721,7 @@ to use firewalls?</a></h2>
indirecting TCP/IP through a firewall. You can find out about
SOCKS, and download the SOCKS software including server and client
code, at the <strike></strike> <i>Link defunct</i> SOCKS distribution
<p>The specific recipe for using fetchmail with a firewall is at <a
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