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......@@ -31,13 +31,12 @@ Portability
The fetchmail code was developed under Linux, but has also been extensively
tested under the BSD variants, AIX, HP-UX versions 9 and 10, SunOS, Solaris,
NEXTSTEP, OSF 3.2, IRIX, and Rhapsody.
NEXTSTEP, OSF 3.2, IRIX, and Rhapsody once upon a time.
It should be readily portable to other Unix variants and Unix-like operating
systems (it uses GNU autoconf). It has been ported to Cygwin, LynxOS and BeOS
and will build there without special action. It has also been ported to QNX;
to build under QNX, see the header comments in the Makefile. It is reported to
build and run under AmigaOS.
The maintainer no longer has acess to these systems, and assumes that
the system is at least Single-Unix-Specification V2 compatible, yet will
permit a C89 compiler. It currently ships with a copy of the trio library
for systems that lack snprintf().
Further reading
......@@ -54,7 +53,7 @@ Status, source code
The fetchmail code appears to be stable and free of bugs affecting normal
operation (that is, retrieving from POP3 or IMAP in single-drop mode and
forwarding via SMTP to sendmail).
forwarding via SMTP to a local MTA).
You can get the code from the fetchmail home page:
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