Commit a7235025 authored by Phil Ross's avatar Phil Ross Committed by Federico Mena Quintero

Fix test paths.

Test files were moved into a subdirectory in commit f6f3326c.
parent 06d9aba5
......@@ -24,25 +24,25 @@ lib: $(OBJS)
lib /out:libbz2.lib $(OBJS)
test: bzip2
type words1
.\\bzip2 -1 < tests\sample1.ref > sample1.rb2
.\\bzip2 -2 < tests\sample2.ref > sample2.rb2
.\\bzip2 -3 < tests\sample3.ref > sample3.rb2
.\\bzip2 -d < tests\sample1.bz2 > sample1.tst
.\\bzip2 -d < tests\sample2.bz2 > sample2.tst
.\\bzip2 -ds < tests\sample3.bz2 > sample3.tst
type tests\words1
.\\bzip2 -1 < tests\sample1.ref > tests\sample1.rb2
.\\bzip2 -2 < tests\sample2.ref > tests\sample2.rb2
.\\bzip2 -3 < tests\sample3.ref > tests\sample3.rb2
.\\bzip2 -d < tests\sample1.bz2 > tests\sample1.tst
.\\bzip2 -d < tests\sample2.bz2 > tests\sample2.tst
.\\bzip2 -ds < tests\sample3.bz2 > tests\sample3.tst
@echo All six of the fc's should find no differences.
@echo If fc finds an error on sample3.bz2, this could be
@echo because WinZip's 'TAR file smart CR/LF conversion'
@echo is too clever for its own good. Disable this option.
@echo The correct size for sample3.ref is 120,244. If it
@echo is 150,251, WinZip has messed it up.
fc tests\sample1.bz2 sample1.rb2
fc tests\sample2.bz2 sample2.rb2
fc tests\sample3.bz2 sample3.rb2
fc tests\sample1.tst sample1.ref
fc tests\sample2.tst sample2.ref
fc tests\sample3.tst sample3.ref
fc tests\sample1.bz2 tests\sample1.rb2
fc tests\sample2.bz2 tests\sample2.rb2
fc tests\sample3.bz2 tests\sample3.rb2
fc tests\sample1.tst tests\sample1.ref
fc tests\sample2.tst tests\sample2.ref
fc tests\sample3.tst tests\sample3.ref
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