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......@@ -189,13 +189,13 @@ make install
## Using nmake on Windows
At least using MS Visual C++ 6, you can build from the unmodified
sources with [makefile.msc](makefile.msc) by issuing, in a command
Bzip2 can be built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 or later. From a Visual
Studio Tools Command Prompt run:
nmake -f makefile.msc
(you may need to first run the MSVC-provided script `VCVARS32.BAT`
so as to set up paths to the MSVC tools correctly).
The build will produce `bzip2.exe` and `bzip2recover.exe` files that are dependent
on `bz2-1.dll` and the Microsoft C Runtime library. Dynamic import and static
libraries are also built: `bz2-1.lib` and `bz2-static.lib`.
# Makefile for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
# Makefile for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and later.
# usage: nmake -f makefile.msc
# K.M. Syring (
# Fixed up by JRS for bzip2-0.9.5d release.
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