Commit 83447dcc authored by Sam Ruby's avatar Sam Ruby

Switch from simpleTree to DOM as DOM appears to be more robust

parent 6f0f23dd
......@@ -129,10 +129,12 @@ def scrub(feed_uri, data):
node.value, node.base, 'utf-8', node.type)
# Run this through HTML5's serializer
from html5lib import html5parser, sanitizer, treewalkers, serializer
p = html5parser.HTMLParser(tokenizer=sanitizer.HTMLSanitizer)
from html5lib import html5parser, sanitizer, treebuilders
from html5lib import treewalkers, serializer
p = html5parser.HTMLParser(tokenizer=sanitizer.HTMLSanitizer,
doc = p.parseFragment(node.value, encoding='utf-8')
walker = treewalkers.getTreeWalker('simpletree')
xhtml = serializer.XHTMLSerializer()
xhtml = serializer.XHTMLSerializer(inject_meta_charset = False)
walker = treewalkers.getTreeWalker('dom')
tree = xhtml.serialize(walker(doc), encoding='utf-8')
node['value'] = ''.join([n for n in tree])
node['value'] = ''.join([str(token) for token in tree])
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