Commit 4c16d1fd authored by Sam Ruby's avatar Sam Ruby

Fix typo and cleanup log message

parent 007f4b08
......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ def reconstitute(feed, entry):
src_author = src.get('author_detail',{})
if (not author_detail or not author_detail.has_key('name')) and \
not src_author.has_key('name') and feed.feed.has_key('planet_name'):
if src_author: src_author - src_author.__class__(src_author.copy())
if src_author: src_author = src_author.__class__(src_author.copy())
src['author_detail'] = src_author
src_author['name'] = feed.feed['planet_name']
source(xsource, src, bozo, feed.version)
......@@ -159,7 +159,10 @@ def spiderFeed(feed, only_if_new=0):
# process based on the HTTP status code
if data.status == 200 and data.has_key("url"):
data.feed['planet_http_location'] = data.url"Updating feed %s @ %s", feed, data.url)
if feed == data.url:"Updating feed %s", feed)
else:"Updating feed %s @ %s", feed, data.url)
elif data.status == 301 and data.has_key("entries") and len(data.entries)>0:
log.warning("Feed has moved from <%s> to <%s>", feed, data.url)
data.feed['planet_http_location'] = data.url
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