Commit 167f0de4 authored by Sam Ruby's avatar Sam Ruby

More bullet-proofing

parent 6ebbed2a
......@@ -257,9 +257,8 @@ def spiderFeed(feed, only_if_new=0, content=None, resp_headers=None):
# get updated-date either from the entry or the cache (default to now)
mtime = None
if not entry.has_key('updated_parsed'):
if entry.has_key('published_parsed'):
entry['updated_parsed'] = entry['published_parsed']
if not entry.has_key('updated_parsed') or not entry['updated_parsed']:
entry['updated_parsed'] = entry.get('published_parsed',None)
if not entry.has_key('updated_parsed'):
mtime = calendar.timegm(entry.updated_parsed)
......@@ -270,7 +269,10 @@ def spiderFeed(feed, only_if_new=0, content=None, resp_headers=None):
mtime = os.stat(cache_file).st_mtime
if data.feed.has_key('updated_parsed'):
mtime = calendar.timegm(data.feed.updated_parsed)
mtime = calendar.timegm(data.feed.updated_parsed)
if not mtime or mtime > time.time(): mtime = time.time()
entry['updated_parsed'] = time.gmtime(mtime)
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