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    • Hans-Christoph Steiner's avatar
      rename `fdroid server` to `fdroid deploy` and deprecate 'init' · 1725e09f
      Hans-Christoph Steiner authored
      `fdroid server init` is has not been needed for a long time.  And 'server'
      is the only subcommand that has its own subsubcommands.  This turns it into
      only `fdroid deploy`, which does what `fdroid server update` does. This
      also changes the bash completion to use `fdroid deploy`.  But the old
      `fdroid server update` and `fdroid server init` commands remain working.
      closes #264
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    • Hans-Christoph Steiner's avatar
      mirror: new command to make a mirror of a repo · 2162703a
      Hans-Christoph Steiner authored
      This creates a mirror of a full repo by downloading all files listed in
      the index, and the ones that are generated based on that data, e.g. icons
      of different resolutions.  This could be useful for setting up mirrors of
      small repositories, instead of having to learn and manage rsync or
      something else for mirroring.  This just needs a working repo.
      It uses wget in a batch mode with the aim as being as efficient as
      possible.  wget mirroring over HTTP is always going to be less efficient
      than rsync, but it shouldn't be so bad since it uses --continue to check
      whether it has already downloaded a file.  I suppose it could be extended
      to use ETags for a little more efficiency.
      I developed this creating a test mirror of f-droid.org, which is now a bit
      ironic, since I added a specific check to prevent people from using this
      on f-droid.org.
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    • Hans-Christoph Steiner's avatar
      `fdroid btlog` external binary transparency logger · c591a4cd
      Hans-Christoph Steiner authored
      This complements the binary transparency logging that happens on the
      server side !226.  Anyone can set up an efficient tracker of any
      F-Droid repo which stores all index files that it sees.  It uses HEAD
      requests and ETag checking to be as efficient as possible, so that
      this can be automatically run at a frequent pace.
  15. 06 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Kevin C. Krinke's avatar
      dscanner - Drozer based post-build dynamic vulnerability scanner command · df27bae6
      Kevin C. Krinke authored
       * New command `dscanner`, enables one to scan signed APKs with Drozer
       * Drozer is a dynamic vulnerability scanner for Android
       * Drozer runs in a emulator or on-device, this new `dscanner` command...
        * starts a docker image with Drozer and the Android Emulator pre-installed,
        * loads the signed APK into the emulator
        * activates Drozer automated tests for the APK
        * gathers the report output and places it next to the original APK
       * The Drozer docker image can be:
        * cached locally for re-use (just don't run --clean*)
        * retrieved from dockerhub.com for more efficient runtime
        * or be built from scratch (in the new "./docker" directory)
       * New "Vulnerability Scanning" documentation section (run gendocs.sh)
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    • Hans-Christoph Steiner's avatar
      always parse versions as strings, not bytes · 7039d160
      Hans-Christoph Steiner authored
      Fixes a couple errors like:
        File "./makebuildserver", line 30, in vagrant
          out += line
        TypeError: Can't convert 'bytes' object to str implicitly
      If universal_newlines=False, the default, then Popen will return bytes if
      the newlines in the data do not match the system's newlines.  Setting it to
      true enables auto-conversion, and then guarantees that the data is always
      "If universal_newlines is True, the file objects stdin, stdout and stderr
      are opened as text streams in universal newlines mode, as described above
      in Frequently Used Arguments, otherwise they are opened as binary streams."
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    • Daniel Martí's avatar
      Apparently Python cannot handle Unicode · 0be34327
      Daniel Martí authored
      I really hope I can revert this in the near future. Having to mutilate
      my name just so that pip will work is a terrible workaround.
      For better or worse, this only affects scripts defined in setup.py.
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    • Hans-Christoph Steiner's avatar
      `fdroid --version` for installed releases and running from git · 3fc2a99d
      Hans-Christoph Steiner authored
      This will report the version embedded in the module if it is installed, and
      will report `git describe` if being run from git.  If someone installs from
      git using pip, this will probably report the version in setup.py, which
      will be wrong.  But that is not a documented install method, and I haven't
      heard of anyone using it.  The recommended way is to run straight from git.
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    • Ciaran Gultnieks's avatar
      Restore friendly error messages · e29da6b0
      Ciaran Gultnieks authored
      Use --verbose if you really want a full traceback with your 'you made a
      typo in an package ID' messages.
      It would be better to do this based on exception types (i.e. our own
      exceptions - MetadataException, BuildException, VCSException) would not
      print a traceback, but unexpected exceptions would. But the types are
      not available at the 'fdroid' level currently.
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