Commit b254472a authored by Hans-Christoph Steiner's avatar Hans-Christoph Steiner

Merge branch 'exclude-filter' into 'master'

build: replace exclude with filter during source tar creation

Closes #531

See merge request !538
parents de5455e2 7bdffde8
Pipeline #29464329 failed with stage
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......@@ -569,9 +569,9 @@ def build_local(app, build, vcs, build_dir, output_dir, log_dir, srclib_dir, ext
tarname = common.getsrcname(app, build)
tarball =, tarname), "w:gz")
def tarexc(f):
return any(f.endswith(s) for s in ['.svn', '.git', '.hg', '.bzr'])
tarball.add(build_dir, tarname, exclude=tarexc)
def tarexc(t):
return None if any( for s in ['.svn', '.git', '.hg', '.bzr']) else t
tarball.add(build_dir, tarname, filter=tarexc)
# Run a build command if one is required...
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