update list of officially supported languages to ship with source

parent 6925083e
......@@ -26,11 +26,16 @@ include gradlew-fdroid
include LICENSE
include locale/bo/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/es_AR/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/hu/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/nb_NO/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/pt_PT/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/tr/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/uk/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
include locale/zh_Hans/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ FILES = ../fdroid $(wildcard ../fdroidserver/*.py) \
$(wildcard /usr/lib/python3.*/getopt.py)
# these are the supported languages
ALL_LINGUAS = bo de es es_AR fa fr it ja kab ko nb_NO pt_BR pt_PT ru tr uk zh_Hans zh_Hant
ALL_LINGUAS = bo de es fr hu it ko nb_NO pl pt_BR pt_PT ru tr uk zh_Hans zh_Hant
POFILES = $(wildcard */LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.po)
MOFILES = $(ALL_LINGUAS:=/LC_MESSAGES/fdroidserver.mo)
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