git_mirror_size_limit config option to set max git mirror size

GitHub and GitLab have some kinds of limits on how big a git repo can be,
this makes that option configurable.  This also is very useful for tests.
parent 4fa11ef4
......@@ -190,6 +190,13 @@ The repository of older versions of applications from the main demo repository.
# '',
# }
# Most git hosting services have hard size limits for each git repo.
# `fdroid deploy` will delete the git history when the git mirror repo
# approaches this limit to ensure that the repo will still fit when
# pushed. GitHub recommends 1GB, recommends 10GB.
# git_mirror_size_limit = '10GB'
# Any mirrors of this repo, for example all of the servers declared in
# serverwebroot and all the servers declared in servergitmirrors,
# will automatically be used by the client. If one
......@@ -148,6 +148,7 @@ default_config = {
'archive_description': _('These are the apps that have been archived from the main repo.'),
'archive_older': 0,
'lint_licenses': fdroidserver.lint.APPROVED_LICENSES,
'git_mirror_size_limit': 10000000000,
......@@ -354,9 +355,31 @@ def read_config(opts, config_file=''):
raise TypeError(_('only accepts strings, lists, and tuples'))
config['servergitmirrors'] = roots
limit = config['git_mirror_size_limit']
config['git_mirror_size_limit'] = parse_human_readable_size(limit)
return config
def parse_human_readable_size(size):
units = {
'b': 1,
'kb': 1000, 'mb': 1000**2, 'gb': 1000**3, 'tb': 1000**4,
'kib': 1024, 'mib': 1024**2, 'gib': 1024**3, 'tib': 1024**4,
return int(float(size))
except (ValueError, TypeError):
if type(size) != str:
raise ValueError(_('Could not parse size "{size}", wrong type "{type}"')
.format(size=size, type=type(size)))
s = size.lower().replace(' ', '')
m = re.match(r'^(?P<value>[0-9][0-9.]+) *(?P<unit>' + r'|'.join(units.keys()) + r')$', s)
if not m:
raise ValueError(_('Not a valid size definition: "{}"').format(size))
return int(float("value")) * units["unit")])
def assert_config_keystore(config):
"""Check weather keystore is configured correctly and raise exception if not."""
......@@ -356,11 +356,15 @@ def update_servergitmirrors(servergitmirrors, repo_section):
# github/gitlab use bare git repos, so only count the .git folder
# test: generate giant APKs by including AndroidManifest.xml and and large
# file from /dev/urandom, then sign it. Then add those to the git repo.
if os.path.isdir(dotgit) and _get_size(dotgit) > 1000000000:
logging.warning('Deleting git-mirror history, repo is too big (1 gig max)')
dotgit_size = _get_size(dotgit)
dotgit_over_limit = dotgit_size > config['git_mirror_size_limit']
if os.path.isdir(dotgit) and dotgit_over_limit:
logging.warning(_('Deleting git-mirror history, repo is too big ({size} max {limit})')
.format(size=dotgit_size, limit=config['git_mirror_size_limit']))
if options.no_keep_git_mirror_archive and _get_size(dotgit) > 1000000000:
logging.warning('Deleting archive, repo is too big (1 gig max)')
if options.no_keep_git_mirror_archive and dotgit_over_limit:
logging.warning(_('Deleting archive, repo is too big ({size} max {limit})')
.format(size=dotgit_size, limit=config['git_mirror_size_limit']))
archive_path = os.path.join(git_mirror_path, 'fdroid', 'archive')
shutil.rmtree(archive_path, ignore_errors=True)
......@@ -45,6 +45,15 @@ class CommonTest(unittest.TestCase):
def test_parse_human_readable_size(self):
for k, v in ((9827, 9827), (123.456, 123), ('123b', 123), ('1.2', 1),
('10.43 KiB', 10680), ('11GB', 11000000000), ('59kb', 59000),
('343.1 mb', 343100000), ('99.9GiB', 107266808217)):
self.assertEqual(fdroidserver.common.parse_human_readable_size(k), v)
for v in ((12, 123), '0xfff', [], None, '12,123', '123GG', '982374bb', self):
with self.assertRaises(ValueError):
def test_assert_config_keystore(self):
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdir, TmpCwd(tmpdir):
with self.assertRaises(FDroidException):
......@@ -1096,6 +1096,59 @@ $fdroid update --create-key
test -e $KEYSTORE
echo_header "setup a new repo from scratch using ANDROID_HOME with git mirror"
# fake git remote server for repo mirror
git init
git config receive.denyCurrentBranch updateInstead
echo "servergitmirrors = '$SERVER_GIT_MIRROR'" >>
cp $WORKSPACE/tests/repo/com.politedroid_[345].apk repo/
$fdroid update --create-metadata
$fdroid deploy
test -e $GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_3.apk
test -e $GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_4.apk
test -e $GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_5.apk
test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_3.apk
test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_4.apk
test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_5.apk
date > $GIT_MIRROR/.git/test-stamp
# add one more APK to trigger archiving
cp $WORKSPACE/tests/repo/com.politedroid_6.apk repo/
$fdroid update
$fdroid deploy
test -e $REPOROOT/archive/com.politedroid_3.apk
! test -e $GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/archive/com.politedroid_3.apk
! test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/archive/com.politedroid_3.apk
test -e $GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_4.apk
test -e $GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_5.apk
test -e $GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_6.apk
test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_4.apk
test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_5.apk
test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/repo/com.politedroid_6.apk
before=`du -s --bytes $GIT_MIRROR/.git/ | awk '{print $1}'`
echo "git_mirror_size_limit = '60kb'" >>
$fdroid update
$fdroid deploy
test -e $REPOROOT/archive/com.politedroid_3.apk
! test -e $SERVER_GIT_MIRROR/fdroid/archive/com.politedroid_3.apk
after=`du -s --bytes $GIT_MIRROR/.git/ | awk '{print $1}'`
! test -e $GIT_MIRROR/.git/test-stamp
git -C $GIT_MIRROR gc
test $before -gt $after
echo_header "sign binary repo in offline box, then publishing from online box"
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