Commit 3a01ce91 authored by Ciaran Gultnieks's avatar Ciaran Gultnieks

Added the ability to override the key alias for specific applications

parent 70ba2cb3
......@@ -220,9 +220,13 @@ for app in apps:
# If a collision does occur later, we're going to have to
# come up with a new alogrithm, AND rename all existing keys
# in the keystore!
m =
keyalias = m.hexdigest()[:8]
if keyaliases.has_key(app['id']):
# For this particular app, the key alias is overridden...
keyalias = keyaliases[app['id']]
m =
keyalias = m.hexdigest()[:8]
print "Key alias: " + keyalias
# See if we already have a key for this application, and
......@@ -22,7 +22,12 @@ keystorepass = "foo"
#The password for keys - the same is used for each auto-generated key.
keypass = "foo2"
#THe distinguished name used for all keys.
#The distinguished name used for all keys.
keydname = "CN=Birdman, OU=Cell, O=Alcatraz, L=Alcatraz, S=California, C=US"
#Use this to override the auto-generated key aliases with specific ones
#for particular applications. Normally, just leave it empty.
keyaliases = {}
keyaliases[''] = 'example'
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