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    build: improve gradle experience · 9889a98d
    Marcus authored
    This expands the gradle wrapper shell script used by the buildserver for
    usage outside the buildserver environment. It also allows downloading
    whitelisted versions of gradle if they are not yet deployed to the
    buildserver by simply upsating the copy of fdroidserver (in contrast to
    having to reprovision the whole buildserver).
    We first move the buildserver/gradle shell script to the repo root
    as gradlew-fdroid, as it's an fdroid specific gradle wrapper.
    We also now sync it inside the build VM before each build.
    We then add a list of whitelisted gradle distributions taken from the
    makebuildserver script.
    The script additionally now reads two env vars which tell it where to
    expect installed versions of gradle and where it might store downloaded
    gradle .zip files. Both of those are configurable from config.py. As the
    first should normally just be a subdir of the second it's not exposed in
    the example config.py but only used by the buildserver config.py.
    Default config now uses this internal gradle wrapper but a path to a
    custom wrapper or specific gradle distribution can still be set from
    Closes #98
    Ref: #370
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