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    convert internal dict keys to match fdroidclient's Apk class · 6c2cf2cc
    Hans-Christoph Steiner authored
    This syncs up the field names between the fdroiddata .yml files, the keys
    used in the implementation in fdroidserver, the index data format, and the
    final data structures in fdroidclient.  This makes it easier for devs to
    follow, and makes the Jackson parsing library automatically handle
    converting the data from the index file to Java instances.
    This bumps the metadata version since the apkcache will have to be
    Here are the name changes:
    * apkname --> apkName
    * id --> packageName
    * sha256 --> hash
    * version --> versionName
    * versioncode --> versionCode
    tests/repo/index.xml was changed only to bump the metadata version
    from 17 to 18.
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