Commit d6b61e75 authored by Chirayu Desai's avatar Chirayu Desai

CalyxVPN: Update description and add summary

parent fd7ed695
......@@ -10,10 +10,12 @@ Donate:
Bitcoin: 14wntQ8cBdnhUVfYmDjXz6PbpSSX8nCtkr
AutoName: CalyxVPN
Summary: Free VPN Service offered by The Calyx Institute
Description: |-
CalyxVPN is an application to provide easy and secure encrypted communication.
The app is a custom branded build of [[se.leap.bitmaskclient]]. This version is
preconfigured with one trusted provider - The Calyx Institute
preconfigured with one trusted provider—The Calyx Institute—and allows
anonymous VPN usage without any manual setup.
By encrypting and securely routing all your network traffic through Calyx's
servers, CalyxVPN is able to prevent many forms of censorship and surveillance.
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