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New app: Screen Stream

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Author Name:Dmitriy Krivoruchko
Web Site:
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Auto Name:Screen Stream
Summary:Screen streaming over HTTP
The application allows viewing the device screen in your web browser. The main
idea is to show your device screen during presentations and demos. No need of
any additional software except for this app and a web browser. No annoying ads
or pop-ups.
It uses MJPEG to encode screen images and send them through the network. So it
works with any desktop or mobile browser which supports MJPEG (Chrome, Safari,
EDGE, Firefox).
The application works via WiFi and/or 3G/LTE network. Fast and stable WiFi
recommended because of high traffic and low network delay requirement. No
Internet required, however, there must be a network connection between the
client and the device.
The number of client connections is unlimited, but be aware that each of them
requires some CPU resources and bandwidth to send data.
Application uses Android Cast feature and requires at least Android 5.0 to run.
WARNING: This is not a real time streaming app. Expected delay is at least 0.5-1
second or more on slow devices, bad WiFi or on heavy CPU load by other apps.
WARNING: This app is not designed for streaming video, especially HD video. Use
Chromecast instead.
WARNING: This app does NOT support SOUND streaming, because MJPEG does not
support sound.
WARNING: Some cell operators may block incoming connections to your device for
security reasons, so, even if the device has an IP address from a cell operator,
you may not be able to connect to the device on using this IP address.
WARNING: Some WiFi networks (mostly public/guest) block connections between its
clients for security reasons, so you may not be able to connect to the device
via WiFi. For example, a laptop and a phone in this such a WiFi network will not
be able to connect to each other.
Repo Type:git
prebuild=sed -i -e '/maven {$/,/}/d' -e '/fabric\.io/d' -e '/io\.fabric/d' ../build.gradle build.gradle
build=gradle assembleFabricfree
Auto Update Mode:None
Update Check Mode:HTTP
Update Check Data:|version_code = ([0-9]*)|.|version_name = \'([0-9.]*)\'
Current Version:2.1.4
Current Version Code:214
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