Commit 99d164a8 authored by F-Droid Bot's avatar F-Droid Bot Committed by Ciaran Gultnieks

Update CV of CCC Camp 2019 Wifi Setup to 0.26 (20190813)

parent 8d04e4a3
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ License: Apache-2.0
AutoName: 35C3 Wifi Setup
AutoName: CCC Camp 2019 Wifi Setup
Description: |
This app creates a secure profile with CA certificate checking (Let's
Encrypt) and certificate subject verification (, with simply
......@@ -26,5 +26,5 @@ Builds:
AutoUpdateMode: None
UpdateCheckMode: RepoManifest
CurrentVersion: '0.25'
CurrentVersionCode: 20181222
CurrentVersion: '0.26'
CurrentVersionCode: 20190813
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