Commit 98c7f3a6 authored by Licaon_Kter's avatar Licaon_Kter


parent 559aa682
......@@ -76,11 +76,41 @@ Builds:
- app/src/main/jniLibs
ndk: r18b
- versionName: 0.46.0-24-nightly
versionCode: 24
commit: 0.46.0-24-nightly
timeout: 30000
- apt update || apt update
- apt install -y doxygen g++ pkgconf wget
- nightly
output: app/build/outputs/apk/nightly/release/omw_release_*.apk
- sed -i -e '/Unzip/,+5d' buildscripts/include/
- sed -i -e 's/\ -Wl,-plugin-opt=-emulated-tls//' -e '/download-ndk/d' -e '/debugging\
life/,+19d' buildscripts/
- mkdir -p buildscripts/toolchain
- ln -s -T $$NDK$$ buildscripts/toolchain/ndk
- ./buildscripts/ --arch arm
- ./buildscripts/ --arch arm64 --no-resources
- ./buildscripts/ --arch x86 --no-resources
- ./buildscripts/ --arch x86_64 --no-resources
- rm -fr ./buildscripts/build/*
- rm -fr ./buildscripts/prefix/*
- rm -fr ./buildscripts/symbols/*
- rm -fr ./buildscripts/toolchain/*
- app/src/main/assets
- app/src/main/jniLibs
ndk: r18b
MaintainerNotes: |-
- we use prebuild else fdroid scanner will detect the built libs as binaries on the second pass before running build, and we can't scanignore them (at start) since they don't exist yet, see
- we remove the buildtools and intermediary artefacts (several gigabytes) else they'll get pulled in the source tarball
- versionName is generated
AutoUpdateMode: Version %v
AutoUpdateMode: None
UpdateCheckMode: Tags .*[0-9]-nightly$
CurrentVersion: 0.46.0-22-nightly
CurrentVersionCode: 22
CurrentVersion: 0.46.0-24-nightly
CurrentVersionCode: 24
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