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Red Moon: Update metadata

Red Moon has been relicensed to the GPLv3+, so I've changed the License
field. I've also updated the description to reflect the current state of
the app.
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......@@ -7,9 +7,27 @@ Issue Tracker:
Auto Name:Red Moon
Summary:Screen filter for night time phone use
Screen filter app with seperate color temperature, intensity and filter level
settings. It has a persistent notification with controls while running and is
able to automatically start on boot.
Screen filter app with seperate color temperature, intensity and dim level
When the lowest brightness setting of your phone won't do the trick, Red Moon
makes your screen even darker. It can also change the color of your display to a
more soothing red, making your screen easy on the eyes.
* Control the filter with separate color, intensity and dim settings
* Automatically enable the filter at night
* Create your own profiles to quickly change the filter
* Use the notification to pause or resume the filter
* Clear user experience following the Material Design guidelines
* Modify system settings: To automatically lower the screen brightness when the filter is on
* Approximate location (network-based): To determine the sunrise and sunset at your location. This will only be used when you configure Red Moon to automatically start at night.
* Draw over other apps: To change the color and brightness of the screen in all apps
* Run at startup: To restore the previous filter state at startup
Repo Type:git
......@@ -61,7 +79,12 @@ Build:2.6.2,14
Auto Update Mode:Version v%v
Update Check Mode:Tags
Current Version:2.6.2
Current Version Code:14
Current Version:2.7.0
Current Version Code:15
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