Commit 7abdf320 authored by F-Droid Bot's avatar F-Droid Bot Committed by Ciaran Gultnieks

Update AndStatus to 21.0 (139)

parent db0c332a
...@@ -267,11 +267,16 @@ Build:20.5,138 ...@@ -267,11 +267,16 @@ Build:20.5,138
subdir=app subdir=app
gradle=yes gradle=yes
Maintainer Notes: Maintainer Notes:
Remove the jars at Remove the jars at
. .
Auto Update Mode:Version AndStatus-%v Auto Update Mode:Version AndStatus-%v
Update Check Mode:Tags Update Check Mode:Tags
Current Version:20.5 Current Version:21.0
Current Version Code:138 Current Version Code:139
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