Commit 57eb8e38 authored by Boris Kraut's avatar Boris Kraut

Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'

Adding version 0.8 freshly released.

Note : removed prebuild line that was in 0.7.1 as this is now useless (removed build date that was in versionName)

See merge request !1330
parents ba91c1c8 e6a163fe
Pipeline #1612281 failed with stage
......@@ -26,7 +26,13 @@ Build:0.7.1,9
prebuild=sed -i -e '/versionNameSuffix/d' build.gradle
Auto Update Mode:None
Update Check Mode:Tags
Current Version:0.7.1
Current Version Code:9
Current Version:0.8.0
Current Version Code:11
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