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License: GPL-3.0-or-later
AutoName: VitoshaPokerOdds
Summary: Monte Carlo based Texas Holdem calculator
Description: |
Vitosha Poker Odds is a Monte Carlo based Texas Holdem calculator.
Texas Holdem is the most popular poker game. In its nature it is
a skill based gambling game. Playing strategy consists of two
components - hand strength and risk taking. The risk taking
component should be handled by the player itself, but hand
strength can be calculated with electronic device. The analytical
calculation of the hand strength is possible, but sometimes it is
too complicated. In such cases Monte-Carlo based calculators are
very useful. The calculator plays many games with the given hand
and it calculates the chances to win. Because it is a statistical
tool it is not 100% reliable. It should be used wisely and
RepoType: git
- versionName: '2.0'
versionCode: 2
commit: v2.0
subdir: VitoshaPokerOdds
- yes
AutoUpdateMode: Version v%v
UpdateCheckMode: Tags
CurrentVersion: '2.0'
CurrentVersionCode: 2
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