Commit 1e50bed2 authored by Pierre Rudloff's avatar Pierre Rudloff

New app: Handy News Reader

parent 7b553e70
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License: GPL-3.0-only
AutoName: Handy News Reader
Summary: RSS reader with full offline support fulltext articles with images
Description: |
'''Main functions:'''
* RSS feeds of articles
* search for a feed by keyword when adding
* automatic (by shedule) download offline full-text versions of articles with images
* import / export of the channel list from OPML
* filter articles by keywords or regular expressions
* full screen reading mode
'''Additional features:'''
* collapsing (folding) the groups of feeds
* hide read articles mode
* bold articles text font setting
* share a link with this app to prepare it for reading
* limit the number of downloadable images of the article
* the ability to download individual images of the article
* a detailed description of the process of downloading articles to understand what the application is doing at the moment
* the counter of the consumed traffic
* setting up automatic marking of articles as read while scrolling the list
* setting the display of the text of articles in the article list (these two items are useful for reading forums)
* Tap areas to go to the next / previous page while reading the article
* Swipe to change brightness while reading the article
* Quick transition to full screen mode and back, as well as showing / hiding the action bar
* much more ...
RepoType: git
- versionName: 0.7.28
versionCode: 126
commit: 0.7.29
subdir: FlymFork
- yes
AutoUpdateMode: Version %v
UpdateCheckMode: Tags
CurrentVersion: 0.7.28
CurrentVersionCode: 126
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