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# Contributing to F-Droid
Thanks so much for contributing to [F-Droid](! Please take
your time to read carefully through this document:
## Issue Tracker
Please note that the tracker is not for app submissions, use the
[submission queue]( instead.
For error reports please provide detailed system (e.g. Android version, used
ROM, hardware specifications) and error information (e.g. What happened? When
did it happen?) and provide the [logcat](
-- either by file upload or by inclduing it with the appropriated
You may use the issue tracker to report issues on app metadata and issues with
the packages distributed through our repository.
For update/change requests, please make sure they meet our
[inclusion policy]( and are not already
handled by our [submission queue](,
are not [held]( for some reason or already
[marked for an update](
Keep discussions to a minimum or use the forum instead.
Please note that app submissions belong in the
[submission queue](
However, the easiest way to get an app included, updated or an error fixed is
to provide the required metadata yourself by opening a merge request.
Before opening an issue about an outdated app, have a look at its metadata
file and make sure that updating the app is actually possible. Issues opened
about apps that can no longer be built will be closed.
## Merge Requests
Please read through the [inclusion howto](,
the [inclusion policy]( and our
[fdroid manual](
### General recommendations
* [Squash]( your commits
### Setting up fdroidserver
* Clone [fdroidserver](
This section includes some information on the fdroidserver repository as the
tools contained in there can be used standalone to check and build local
metadata files.
git clone
### Setting up fdroidserver and build tools
* Add the cloned dir to your `PATH`:
* Follow the instructions in [the manual](
export PATH="$PATH:~/fdroidserver
### Setting up fdroiddata and submitting apps
### Setting up fdroiddata for merge requests
* [Register on GitLab](
* Visit and fork the [fdroiddata repository](
* Clone your fdroiddata fork
* Clone your fdroiddata fork:
git clone
* Enter it:
cd fdroiddata
* An empty configuration file should work as a start:
* Make sure fdroid works and reads the metadata files properly:
fdroid readmeta
### Adding a new app
If you want to add a new app you will have to add a new metadata file to the
repository, like `metadata/`. Here is how to write that file.
* If the app is on GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket, use `fdroid import`:
fdroid import --url --subdir app
* Alternatively, start the metadata file from scratch:
cp templates/app-minimal metadata/
Now that the file is created, you need to fill up all the app information and
add a working build recipe.
You can use the [metadata section](
in the manual for reference, or the full template at `templates/app-full` for
some suggestions.
* Copy fdroiddata/metadata/template or fdroiddata/metadata/template-minimal to
As for the build recipe, you can have a look at the build templates at
`templates/build-*` for some quick suggestions. Otherwise, follow the manual
and look at how other apps are built.
* Update metadata/ according to the [manual](
* Once you're done, see if `fdroid readmeta` runs without any errors. If it
doesn't, there are syntax errors in your metadata file.
* If you have fdroidserver installed:
* Run `fdroid rewritemeta` to clean up your file
* Copy and adjust fdroidserver/examples/ to fdroiddata/
* Run `fdroid checkupdates` to fill automated fields like `Auto Name`
and `Current Version`
* Instead of copying a template you can run `fdroid import -u github-url` if
the app is hosted on GitHub
* Make sure that `fdroid lint` doesn't report any warnings. If it does,
fix them.
* Run `fdroid checkupdates`, `fdroid rewritemeta` and `fdroid
build -v -t -l` before opening a merge request!
* Test your build recipe with `fdroid build -v -l`
* Use `git add`, `git commit` and `git push` to update your fork on GitLab.
Please squash multiple commits into a single one per app. It's a good style
to use a separate branch for each app and prefix commit messages with
"Appname:". For this you might also want to look at the `fd-commit` command
in the server repo
Congratulations! You can now open a merge request to add your app.
* Open a merge request via GitLab
Our buildserver runs builds once a day, so it may take up to 24h for your app
to appear in our repository.
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