Commit 0365a86e authored by Licaon_Kter's avatar Licaon_Kter

baresip - forgot the sed change

parent 556fb337
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......@@ -454,7 +454,7 @@ Builds:
- libbaresip-android@1.0.8
- pushd $$libbaresip-android$$
- sed -i -e 's|/usr/local/Android/Sdk/ndk-bundle|$$NDK$$|' -e 's|/usr/src/baresip-studio|../../com.tutpro.baresip|'
- sed -i -e 's|/opt/Android/Sdk/ndk-bundle|$$NDK$$|' -e 's|/usr/src/baresip-studio|../../com.tutpro.baresip|'
- make download-sources
- make install-all
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