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[octodroid] Remove hard-coded description

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......@@ -9,20 +9,6 @@ IssueTracker:
AutoName: OctoDroid
Description: |-
Supports all the basic features, such as:
* Watch/unwatch repositories
* View branches/tags, pull requests etc. in each repo
* View and comment on issues
* Home page feed of recent actions and news
* Search for repositories
* Diff viewer with colorized HTML
* Trending repos (today, week, month, forever)
Uses OAuth2: your password is used to generate a key and is then destroyed. The
key can be revoked any time by visiting Formerly known as GH4A. This
application is currently in BETA: please report any issues to the issue tracker.
RepoType: git
......@@ -30,6 +16,7 @@ Repo:
- versionName: '3.6'
versionCode: 36
disable: third party maven repos, jars
commit: 53d2e5bbfd76d8ad4a779913df7b3f193fb19a3e
- bugsense.patch
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