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Dialer for Pebble: 3.3.1

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......@@ -153,6 +153,25 @@ Builds:
-e '/Crashlytics./i/*'
- sed -i -e '32d' src/main/java/com/matejdro/pebbledialer/
- versionName: 3.3.1
versionCode: 41
commit: fe3b32a2d3a63103a814011f7a17403ec8bfd4f6
subdir: app
submodules: true
- yes
- android/android-support-v13.jar
- sed -i -e '1,16d' build.gradle
- "sed -i -e '/android {/iapply plugin: \"\"' build.gradle"
- sed -i -e '/crashlytics/,+2d' build.gradle
- sed -i -e '/android {/a lintOptions {abortOnError false}' build.gradle
- sed -i -e '/if (!isDebuggable)/,+1d' src/main/java/com/matejdro/pebbledialer/
- find . -type f -name *.java -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i -e '/import'
-e '/import' -e '/Crashlytics./a*/'
-e '/Crashlytics./i/*'
AutoUpdateMode: None
UpdateCheckMode: Tags
CurrentVersion: 3.3.1
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