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Commit d3868b3a authored by Pierre Rudloff's avatar Pierre Rudloff
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New app: BeamControl for Smart Interface

parent 5219eeb4
- Connectivity
License: GPL-3.0-only
AutoName: BeamControl for Smart Interface
Summary: Control / notification application for smart factory/industry 4.0 applications
Description: |-
This application makes use of the Smart Factory (Industry 4.0) interface of
BeamConstruct laser marking software, RepliSLS3D SLS/SLM/3D printing
software and of any other software solution which provides a compatible
interface. It can be used to watch the production/building state of one
application or of several machine within a complete production line.
The application can be configured to connect to an nearly unlimited number
of software instances. Then it watches their current production state and
notifies the user as soon as something changes or when an event occurs,
that requires manual interaction. Thus one operator can control a complete
production line easily.
This application also acts as demonstration for the Smart Factory (Industry
4.0) interface which also can be used to integrate these applications in an
automated production line. The sources of this application are available
for free and can be used to implement own Smart Factory solutions.
RepoType: git
- versionName: '1.03'
versionCode: 103
commit: v1.03
subdir: BeamControl/app
- yes
AutoUpdateMode: Version v%v
UpdateCheckMode: Tags
CurrentVersion: '1.03'
CurrentVersionCode: 103
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