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New app: Camp Schedule 2019, v.1.39.1.

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License: Apache-2.0
AutoName: Camp Schedule 2019
Description: |-
'''Schedule app for the Chaos Communication Camp 2019'''
The Chaos Communication Camp is a five-days conference on
technology, society and utopia which takes place every four years.
The Camp offers lectures and workshops and various events on a
multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information
technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards
technology and the discussion about the effects of technological
advances on society.
'''App features'''
* Tabular layout to see the conference program by day and rooms (side by side)
* Adapting grid layout for smartphones (try landscape mode) and tablets
* Read detailed descriptions (speaker names, start time, room name, links, ...) of sessions
* Manage sessions in your favorites list
* Export your favorites list
* Setup individual alarms for sessions
* Add sessions to your personal calendar (e.g. Google Calendar)
* Share a short text and website link to a sessions
* Keep track of program changes
* Automatic program updates (configurable in settings)
* Supported languages: English, German, Portuguese (session descriptions excluded)
💡 Questions regarding the content can only be answered by the
content team of the Chaos Communication Camp. This app simply offers
a way to consume and personalize the conference schedule.
💣 Bug reports are very welcome. It would be awesome if you can
describe how to reproduce the particular error. The issue tracker
can be found here:
🎨 Camp design 2019 by Sven Sedivy
RepoType: git
- versionName: 1.39.1 (CCCamp Edition)
versionCode: 58
commit: v.1.39.1-CCCamp-Edition
subdir: app
- cccamp2019
prebuild: cp
- buildSrc
AutoUpdateMode: None
UpdateCheckMode: None
CurrentVersion: 1.39.1 (CCCamp Edition)
CurrentVersionCode: 58
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