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Merge branch 'update-vectorpinball-1.7.1' into 'master'

Update Vector Pinball to 1.7.1

See merge request !6326
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......@@ -6,12 +6,6 @@ SourceCode:
AutoName: Vector Pinball
Description: |-
Vector Pinball is a pinball game.
The graphics are deliberately simple; currently everything is drawn with
lines and circles. The focus is on gameplay and accurate physics. It uses
the libgdx Java wrapper for the Box2D physics engine.
RepoType: git
......@@ -174,11 +168,45 @@ Builds:
- cp $$libgdx$$/dist/gdx.jar libs/
- cp -r $$libgdx$$/dist/extensions/gdx-box2d/* libs/
- versionName: 1.7.1
versionCode: 25
commit: e6f46aad12d01d2bc65b710bbb6854147af14faa
subdir: app
- yes
- [email protected]
- app/src/main/jniLibs/*
- app/libs/*
- pushd $$libgdx$$
- rm gdx/jni/build.xml
- sed -i '[email protected]<target name="compile-natives">@<target name="compile-natives">\n<ant
antfile="build-android32.xml"/>\n</target>\n<target name="compile-natives-old">@g'
- sed -i '[email protected]<target name="all" depends="compile-natives,pack-natives"/>@<target
name="all" depends="compile-natives"/>@g' extensions/gdx-box2d/gdx-box2d/jni/build.xml
- sed -i '[email protected]\[email protected] @g' extensions/gdx-box2d/gdx-box2d/jni/
- popd
- export NDK_HOME=$$NDK$$
- pushd $$libgdx$$
- pwd
- env | grep NDK
- ant -f build.xml -Dbuild-natives=true gdx-box2d
- popd
- cp $$libgdx$$/dist/gdx.jar libs/gdx-1.9.10.jar
- cp $$libgdx$$/dist/extensions/gdx-box2d/gdx-box2d.jar libs/gdx-box2d-1.9.10.jar
- cp -r $$libgdx$$/dist/extensions/gdx-box2d/{arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,x86,x86_64}
MaintainerNotes: |-
sed replaces needed as libgdx upstream currently don't provide a way to only build the android native bins only.
If more apps start to depend on libgdx consider to create a feature request to change this.
armeabi is removed from gdx-box2d/jni/ because recent NDK versions don't support it.
AutoUpdateMode: None
UpdateCheckMode: RepoManifest
CurrentVersion: 1.7.0
CurrentVersionCode: 24
CurrentVersion: 1.7.1
CurrentVersionCode: 25
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