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K-9 Mail 5.904 (beta)

The K-9 Mail repository now contains metadata for F-Droid.
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......@@ -9,12 +9,6 @@ Changelog:
LiberapayID: '34990'
AutoName: K-9 Mail
Description: |-
E-mail client supporting multiple accounts, POP3, IMAP and Push IMAP. Can do
OpenPGP encryption if is installed. Settings
and account configurations can be exported so that they can be imported easily
if you are switching packages/signatures: a file manager will need to be already
installed to achieve this.
RepoType: git
......@@ -851,6 +845,13 @@ Builds:
- yes
output: app/k9mail/build/outputs/apk/release/k9mail-release-unsigned.apk
- versionName: '5.904'
versionCode: 29004
commit: '5.904'
- yes
output: app/k9mail/build/outputs/apk/release/k9mail-release-unsigned.apk
MaintainerNotes: |-
Use output instead of subdir to make gradlew-fdroid correctly determine the gradle version to be used.
It doesn't work when using subdir because we are two levels deep into the directory structure.
عميل بريد إلكتروني كامل المواصفات
Voll ausgestatteter E-Mail-Client
Cliente de email lleno de funciones
Client di posta elettronica completo
Pełna obsługa poczty elektronicznej
Cliente de e-mail cheio de funcionalidades
Cliente de e-mail com todas as funcionalidades
Cliente de e-mail com todas as funcionalidades
Client de e-mail cu funcții complete
Полнофункциональный почтовый клиент
Tam özellikli e-posta istemcisi
Повноможливісний поштовий клієнт
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