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Update SolitaireCG to 3.4.1 (3041) and add Fastlane support

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......@@ -8,22 +8,6 @@ Changelog:
AutoName: SolitaireCG
Description: |-
SolitaireCG is an adaptation of Ken Magic's "" for
devices with few hardware buttons.
Solitaire Card Games include Klondike (regular solitaire), Vegas, Spider, Golf,
Freecell, Forty Thieves, TriPeaks, and variations of these games.
Features include multi-level undo, animated card movement, statistics/score
tracking, and large card art option.
See <a href="">NEWS</a> for changes against the
original code, and project updates.
The changes fix bugs, add games and portrait mode, and enable card dealing and
playability in spider. New hi-res graphics have been added to the original card
graphics to take advantage of today's larger, higher resolution screens.
RepoType: git
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