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Tasks - use fastlane description

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......@@ -14,38 +14,6 @@ LiberapayID: '42085'
Bitcoin: 136mW34jW3cmZKhxuTDn3tHXMRwbbaRU8s
AutoName: Tasks
Description: |-
Tasks is libre open source software based on the original source code from Astrid Tasks & To Do List!
Google Task synchronization
* Subtask support
* Manual sort with drag and drop
* Synchronize multiple Google Task accounts
CalDAV synchronization
* Sync and share with Nextcloud, Owncloud, Fastmail,, and more!
* Multi-level subtasks
* Repeating tasks
* Categories
* Synchronize multiple CalDAV accounts
Extensive theme support
* Light, black, dark, wallpaper, and day/night themes
* Customize your lists with 21 colors
* Customize your lists with over 100 icons
* Choose from 17 accent colors
* Back up your data to SD card or Google Drive
* Flexible task recurrence
* Tag, filter, and search your tasks
* Hide tasks until a later date
* Create calendar events for your tasks
* Create new tasks with Tasker
* Create list reminders with Tasker
* Dashclock plugin
* Crowd-sourced translations in 38 languages
* Left-to-right support
* And more!
RepoType: git
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