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remove ProfileSwitcher: only build disabled since 2013 (doesn’t build), upstream silent since 2013

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Auto Name:ProfileSwitcher
Summary:Allows schedules to switch profiles
This app allows you to setup schedules to switch profiles. This will only work
on a ROM that has a profile manager (e.g. CyanogenMod 9+). Features also include
resetting the profile when headphones are pluged or unplugged and the ability to
set a once-off 'timed profile', similar to the old Nokias. For example: Imagine
you have profiles Work, Home and Night. You could have the following schedules:
* Work @ 08:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
* Home @ 10:30 on Saturday & Sunday
* Home @ 17:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
* Night @ 23:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Repo Type:git
Auto Update Mode:None
Update Check Mode:RepoManifest
Current Version:0.1
Current Version Code:1
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