Commit 5cd64a3d authored by F-Droid Bot's avatar F-Droid Bot Committed by Ciaran Gultnieks

Update Trireme for Deluge to 1.1.0 (15)

parent af5de685
......@@ -62,6 +62,14 @@ Build:1.0.3,11
build=$$flutter$$/bin/flutter config --no-analytics && \
$$flutter$$/bin/flutter build apk --flavor fdroid
prebuild=sed -i -e 's|||' pubspec.lock pubspec.yaml
build=$$flutter$$/bin/flutter config --no-analytics && \
$$flutter$$/bin/flutter build apk --flavor fdroid
Maintainer Notes:
Builds will fail when the srclib ref of flutter and the version with which
upstream has been built with differ.
......@@ -71,5 +79,5 @@ In that case we need to manually give the correct ref to srclib.
Auto Update Mode:Version v%v
Update Check Mode:Tags
Update Check Ignore:(alpha|beta|rc|RC|dev)
Current Version:1.0.3
Current Version Code:11
Current Version:1.1.0
Current Version Code:15
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