Commit 566f8d05 authored by Abhinav Marwaha's avatar Abhinav Marwaha Committed by relan
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Curator: update to 0.9.1 (3)

parent 303f2f91
......@@ -32,11 +32,24 @@ Builds:
- flutter config --no-analytics
- flutter build apk --flavor fdroid
- versionName: 0.9.1
versionCode: 3
commit: v0.9.1
output: build/app/outputs/apk/fdroid/release/app-fdroid-release.apk
- flutter@1.22.5
- export PATH=$$flutter$$/bin:$PATH
- flutter packages pub get
- flutter pub run build_runner build
- flutter config --no-analytics
- flutter build apk --flavor fdroid
MaintainerNotes: |-
Builds will fail when the srclib ref of flutter and the version with which
upstream has been built with differ.
AutoUpdateMode: None
UpdateCheckMode: None
CurrentVersion: 0.1.1
CurrentVersionCode: 1
CurrentVersion: 0.9.1
CurrentVersionCode: 3
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