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License: Apache-2.0
AutoName: Blitzortung Lightning Monitor
Summary: Get an overview of the current thunderstorm situation
Description: |-
Simple to use map based application visualizing real time full area
lightning data provided by the lightning location network
project. The current thunderstorm situation at your fingertips.
* realtime display of lightning data
* display of historical lightning data of the last 24 hours
* for regions Europe, North & South America, Asia, Africa and Australia/New Zealand
* lightning strike time color coded
* reduced data volume and fast response
* current lightning strike time and lightning count
* optional user location marker
* alert function shows distance/direction of storms
* background service for alerts
* support for notifications, sound and vibration alarm
* single stroke display for participants
Please visit [] for more information regarding the
community based lightning location project.
The raster display ensures a fast performance of the application even if
there is a very high thunderstorm activity. participants can
visualize all stroke locations individually.
If you would like to contribute to a translation of the software in your
language, please do not hesitate to contact the author of the software.
RepoType: git
- versionName: 2.0.1
versionCode: 215
commit: 2.0.1_215
subdir: app
- yes
AutoUpdateMode: Version %v_%c
UpdateCheckMode: Tags
CurrentVersion: 2.0.1
CurrentVersionCode: 215
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