Commit 0bbb04b5 authored by F-Droid Bot's avatar F-Droid Bot Committed by Ciaran Gultnieks

Update baresip to 14.0.0 (103)

parent ad499dc5
......@@ -971,10 +971,27 @@ Builds:
- popd
ndk: r20
- versionName: 14.0.0
versionCode: 103
commit: 14.0.0
subdir: app
- yes
- libbaresip-android@7.0
- pushd $$libbaresip-android$$
- sed -i -e 's|/opt/Android/Sdk/ndk-bundle|$$NDK$$|' -e 's|/usr/src/baresip-studio|../../com.tutpro.baresip|'
- make download-sources
- make install-all
- popd
ndk: r20
MaintainerNotes: make download-sources checks out master branches of several libraries;
this can cause build failures.
AutoUpdateMode: Version %v
UpdateCheckMode: Tags
CurrentVersion: 13.0.1
CurrentVersionCode: 102
CurrentVersion: 14.0.0
CurrentVersionCode: 103
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