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  - Sports & Health
License: GPL-3.0-or-later
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AuthorName: SECUSO - Security Usability Society
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AutoName: Food Tracker
Description: |
    Privacy Friendly Food Tracker allows tracking your daily calorie consumption.
    To do this, you can enter all your consumed food and drink as well as its weight.
    The app will then calculate the total daily calorie consumption. The app also allows
    an analysis of calorie consumption over a larger time frame such as weeks
    or months.

    What functionality does this app include?
    * Personalization through the creation of your own products
    * Calculation of the total calorie count for the day
    * Creation of statistics and graphs that show total and average calorie intake over a week or a month
    * Calendar overview to quickly show daily overviews
    * Encryption of data on the device
    * Online search to find products quickly and easily

    This app belongs to the group of Privacy Friendly Apps developed
    by the research group SECUSO at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. You can find
    more information at

    This food tracker does not collect any information about its users. The database
    is encrypted to guarantee absolute privacy. Also this app does not require any
    dangerous permissions from the user. Only internet access is needed for
    the search function. Additionally, this food tracker does not include any
    tracking or any advertisements at all. This increases battery lifetime and reduces
    or eliminates data usage by this app.

    Please note that the online search requests information from the OpenFoodFacts
    database. This would theoretically allow the database to track a users nutritional
    habits. For absolute privacy it is therefore recommended to not use the online
    search feature (The request is not triggered until the 'search' button is pressed).
    The app also works without an internet connection.

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