gitlab-ci: upload full build logs to

I find that the logs dumped into the gitlab-ci screens are generally
unreadable, so here, only the errors are dumped into the build log, then
the rest are uploaded to clbin, a paste bin, where the whole text can be
viewed and downloaded in a clean, raw format.
parent ac2cfe55
......@@ -7,17 +7,37 @@ cache:
- apt-get -y update
- apt-get -y install curl
- export GRADLE_USER_HOME=$PWD/.gradle
- ./gradlew assemble
# always report on lint errors to the build log
- sed -i -e 's,textReport .*,textReport true,' app/build.gradle
- ./gradlew check
# 'build' means assemble and check
- ./gradlew build || {
for log in app/build/reports/*ests/*/*ml; do
echo "read $log here:"
cat "$log" | curl --silent -F 'clbin=<-';
exit 1;
- echo no | android create avd --force -n fcl-test -t android-10 -b armeabi
- emulator -force-32bit -avd fcl-test -no-skin -no-audio -no-window &
- ./tools/wait-for-emulator
- adb shell input keyevent 82
- ADB_INSTALL_TIMEOUT=8 ./gradlew connectedCheck || { adb logcat -d '*:W'; exit 1; }
- export EXITVALUE=0
- ADB_INSTALL_TIMEOUT=8 ./gradlew connectedCheck || {
adb -e logcat -d '*:E';
echo "get the full logcat here:";
adb -e logcat -d | curl --silent -F 'clbin=<-';
export EXITVALUE=1;
- for log in app/build/reports/*ests/*/*ml
app/build/outputs/*results*/connected/*.xml; do
echo "read $log here:";
cat "$log" | curl --silent -F 'clbin=<-';
- sed -n 's/.*"ctr2">\([0-9]*\)%<.*/Coverage - \1.0% covered\n/p' app/build/reports/coverage/debug/index.html
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