Commit 092bdc05 authored by Daniel Martí's avatar Daniel Martí

First try at a gitlab CI script

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- echo " == Installing Java"
- java -Xmx32m -version
- echo " == Installing the Android SDK"
- wget -o android-sdk-linux.tgz
- tar -xf android-sdk-linux
- mv android-sdk-linux android-sdk
- export ANDROID_SDK=$PWD/android-sdk
- export PATH="$ANDROID_SDK/tools:$PATH"
- echo " == Installing Android SDK components"
- android update sdk --no-ui -a -t platform-tools
- android update sdk --no-ui -a -t tools
- android update sdk --no-ui -a -t build-tools-23.0.0
- android update sdk --no-ui -a -t android-22
- android update sdk --no-ui -a -t extra-android-m2repository
- echo " == Installing Gradle"
- wget
- unzip
- export PATH="$PWD/gradle-2.4/bin:$PATH"
- gradle build
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