Commit 03da7366 authored by Daniel Martí's avatar Daniel Martí

CI: Don't use the confusing "build" gradle task

Be more explicit about what we're running. This also means that we wont
run the "read log here" stuff if the build failed, which didn't make any
sense. That should only be run if the unit tests fail.
parent 6363e14f
......@@ -8,10 +8,11 @@ cache:
- export GRADLE_USER_HOME=$PWD/.gradle
- ./gradlew assemble -PdisablePreDex
# always report on lint errors to the build log
- sed -i -e 's,textReport .*,textReport true,' app/build.gradle
# 'build' means assemble and check
- ./gradlew build -PdisablePreDex || {
- ./gradlew lint -PdisablePreDex
- ./gradlew test -PdisablePreDex || {
for log in app/build/reports/*ests/*/*ml; do
echo "read $log here:";
cat "$log" | curl --silent -F 'clbin=<-';
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