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+msgid "[@ninelima]( reports: I am very pleased to announce release 22 of **[Kwik EFIS](** (Electronic Flight Information System) and **[DMAP](** (Digital Mapping). The product suite now has support for the [Stratux ]( devices. This allows for a very inexpensive solution to simple flight instrumentation for use in experimental aircraft. [Short article on the Stratux/Kwik integration]("
+msgstr ""
+#. type: Bullet: '* '
+#: build/_posts/md/
msgid "{{ page.featured }} **[miniVector](**: is a minified version of **[](**, which results in a smaller and lighter app which requires less scary permissions. It achieves this by removing Jitsi conferencing support (you can still make direct voice and video calls) and some smaller things."
msgstr ""
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